The Truth About Copywriting – What They Aren’t Telling You

When it comes to writing content, there are a lot of myths revolving around the craft. And as the number of readers who consume the final product increases, so does the number of copywriters. 91% of all organizations out there use content writing as a prime marketing tactic, with 54% marketers spending over $10,000 per annum on the niche. Plus, […]

Copywriting Formulas to Get People Reading All the Way Through

As the world continues to fight an invisible enemy; the novel coronavirus, studies show that 55% of the people have started using the internet more than they did before. With that comes more online reading as well. Writing a compelling copy that readers will read from start to finish has become a necessity where it used to be a luxury. […]

Headlines, Leads, and Opening Sentences

Why Pay Attention to Them and How to Write Them Did you know that internet users these days only have an average attention span of 4 seconds? That’s it. All you get is 4 quick seconds in which you have to capture the user’s attention with your content. This audience behavior applies to all kinds of content across all platforms; […]

How to Craft the Perfect Landing Page

In the 21st century, everyone and everything is in a hurry. Whether you’re out in the shopping mall, at work or online, people want quick answers to whatever it is they’re looking for. As a website owner, you have just about 8 seconds to grab your audience’s attention. While blogs have a strong introduction to help them out, the website itself […]