Guest Blogging – A Guide Into The What & The How

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The world continues to become increasingly digital with passing time. As an increasing number of people spend more time on the internet and the most successful marketing professionals are taking advantage of this by helping the businesses they work with succeed through various digital marketing strategies.

An effective blogging strategy is crucial to a successful content marketing plan now. If you are not investing time and effort into blogging, it is time to start now. There are over 600 million active blogs worldwide today. You can use effective blogging as a way to build authority in your industry.

Some major brands worldwide are already benefiting from guest blogging as a part of their digital marketing plans. Today, we are going to discuss everything you should be aware of when it comes to guest blogging and how you can find guest blogging opportunities to make the most out of this avenue.

Understand Your Goals

To maximize your benefits through guest blogging, you need to understand what your goal is. Having an idea of what your goal is before you begin can help you determine the best kind of blogs you should submit your guest posts to your advantage. There are three typical goals marketers have with guest blogging:

  • Establishing your name as an authority in the industry.
  • Building useful backlinks to your website.
  • Getting more traffic to your website.

If you learn how to become a guest blogger that creates the right content for the top blogs, you can achieve all three goals.

Finding the Best Guest Blogging Opportunities

Before you pitch a guest post, you need to find guest blogging opportunities. When you are looking for places you can submit your guest posts to, your goal should be to find websites highly relevant to your industry. If applicable, you should look for sites that focus on your particular niche in the industry. A few key aspects you need to keep an eye out for are:

  • The blog has a substantial readership; people share the posts and interact with the blogs.
  • The audience has to be interested in your niche or industry.
  • The blog owner has an active social media presence, and they will promote your blog on their website.
  • The content has to be focused on your niche.

If your company sells gardening tools, you need to find a blog that consists of a highly active readership of professional and home gardeners who want to buy equipment. Search for keywords relevant to your industry or niche along with “guest post” or “accepting guest post” with the keywords. The search results will find you several opportunities or posts by successful guest bloggers in your industry.

Preparing to Pitch a Guest Blog

Finding the ideal blogs that you can submit your posts to is the first step. Now, you need to do a few things before you make contact with the blog owner to make a pitch. You have to find out more about the blog, its readership, its owner, and then work on a strategy to pitch your blog.

Understand the Content

You need to know what kind of content your target blog posts. Yes, you chose the blog because of its relevance to your niche or industry, but there are more aspects of the content you should study, including:

  • The type of audience the blog writes for. If you operate a business to customers (B2C), the ideal audience would be general consumers, not other businesses.
  • What is the level of audience the blog writes for? Are they experts, intermediate, or beginners?
  • What kind of content works best on the blog? Do they have specific guidelines for their posts? Are they working with listicles or general concepts?

Check the Performance of Other Guest Bloggers

A blog having guest bloggers does not necessarily mean the guest posts do well. Check out guest posts from other bloggers to see how much engagement do they get? Are there sufficient social media shares and comments on the blogs? There are cases where some readers visit blogs to read what the owner writes, but they are not that interested in guest posts. If you want to make sure that your website performs well and gets more traffic through the guest post, you need to choose a blog that has better engagement for guest posts.

Scope Out Your Competition

While guest posting is not necessarily about competing with other bloggers, it can be helpful to know who they are and how they are doing so well. Examine the guest blogger bios on the blog to see who they are. This will help you get a better idea of how to present yourself to the blog owner when you pitch your blog.

What Posts Perform Well?

When you are scoping out your competition, you also need to check what kind of posts do the best on the blog. You want to pitch a post to the blog owner that will do well with their audience.

If you want a slight hack that can give you an edge, there is a neat way you can find out which posts work well from a website. Just replace the from the link below with the blog’s domain.

This will show you how many times people have tweeted the blog posts from the blog.

Interact With The Community

The best way to increase your chances of getting the guest blogging opportunity is to become a familiar person in the blog’s community. Take a little time to comment on the latest posts in the blog and perhaps share a few of the interesting posts. This will get the blog owner’s attention and increase your chances of landing an opportunity when you pitch your post. They will already know who you are.

Making The Right Pitch

The next step, when you are learning how to become a guest blogger, is learning how to make the best pitches. There are a few crucial aspects you need to know so you can make an ideal pitch for your guest post.

Understand the Guidelines

The most important thing you should do before getting in touch with the blog owner to submit a pitch for a guest post is to read the guidelines for guest bloggers if there are any. Follow the guidelines closely to make a good impression. You should also gauge whether the blog owner requires a pitch for an idea of what the blog will be or to submit a fully written and composed post. It should also tell you about the format, how they would like you to submit the post and any other relevant information. Understanding the guidelines increases your chances of success.

Write a Personalized Email

Never, never, never make a pitch without properly addressing the blog owner. Successful blog owners who accept guest bloggers receive several emails pitching them guest posts. Use their name to address them so that you can add a vital personal touch to the email. It will fare a lot better than an email that begins with Dear Sir, Dear Ma’am, or worse, Hi.

Introduce Yourself Properly

There are some blog owners who only let other bloggers submit guest posts to their blogs. If you notice that most of the other guest blogs on the website are by other bloggers, you should introduce yourself as a blogger. You need to prioritize your blogging skills to the owner. If you are the owner of the company, you can mention that as well.

Give Them A Reason

You want to compel the blog owner to accept your pitch to make a guest post on their website. Make sure you tell them why they should consider you as a guest blogger. It requires the prerequisite that you have published posts elsewhere and on your own blog. Add links of the most well-performing blogs with a decent bit of engagement on the blog and on social media. That will give them a better understanding of how valuable you can be as a guest blogger for their audience.

Submitting a Fantastic Guest Post

If the guest post guidelines define submitting a topic idea, you should focus on pitching a few options to the blog owner to give them options to choose from. Make sure you do your research and pitch strong ideas based on the performance of other blogs on the website. It has to be relevant to your business, but the priority is making sure it is relatable for the readers and the blog owner.

If the guidelines require you to submit a post in your pitch, you might want to keep a few things in mind when submitting the guest post. Consider the quality of the blog you are submitting your post to, the kind of content it has, and how other guest bloggers have made their posts.

You must submit a blog of the same quality that is already present on the blog. If it mostly consists of long-form content with plenty of images, your post should also contain plenty of images with a long word count. Likewise, if there are barely 500 words per post with a single image (or no image at all), your submission should be similar.

The Guest Post Is Not About You

Remember that you are a guest blogger. The blog you are submitting the content to is not your own. You are not selling your product or services on that website. The guest posts are a valuable source of information –  not an advertisement for a gardening equipment company. You should add information about yourself and your business, but limit it to the author bio. The post should focus on delivering valuable information regarding the niche or industry.

Follow the Formatting

When you want to learn how to become a successful guest blogger, you need to become versatile in writing the content and presenting it. Consider the best-performing posts on your target blog. Are there any specific things that stand out in how the posts are formatted? Do they use plenty of bold text, italic text, images, or any other special type of formatting? Make a note of all the formatting requirements and present your post in the same way.

Include Internal and Source Links

Whenever relevant, add internal links from other blogs to the blog you submit. This will show the owner that you know their content. You don’t need to be a reader to find relevant internal links. You can simply search for a relevant keyword with the domain name on Google. It will give you links to blogs with the corresponding keywords. If you add statistics to your guest blog, make sure you cite any information by adding external links.

Add a Call to Action

After making every effort possible to write a great guest post that aligns with the guidelines for the target blog, you should try and end the post with a call to action. The CTA must not be a way to advertise yourself or your business. You should include a CTA for comments that generate a discussion. The greater the discussion on your post, the better it is.

Make an Excellent Bio

Lastly, you need to get the payoff for all the hard work you have done for the guest blog. This is where you will link back to your website and resources. You need to make the best use of the opportunity you have to promote yourself.

Make sure that your bio includes a link back to your website with a target anchor text. If you want to direct the traffic to a specific page on your website, you should send traffic to the specified landing page or product. You can also use this as a chance to increase your social media following by adding a line that links to the most relevant social media profile.

If you want to learn how to become a great guest blogger to drive more success for your business, we are confident that following these guidelines can help you get a good start. It is all easier said than done, but you will keep learning more as you go along.

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