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8 Tips to Write the Perfect Marketing Emails

8 Tips to Write the Perfect Marketing Emails

Marketing emails have become a popular way to reach a wide audience in one swoop. Emails are also an easy way to track conversion rates because readers often follow CTAs within the email to whatever is being sold. If you want your marketing emails to be successful, follow these simple tips to get your copy to be the best it can be:

1. Entice With the Subject Line

This is the first place where you are going to catch the reader’s attention. If your subject line is great, your reader is more likely to actually click on and open the email. You want these few words to be catchy but clear about what the email is all about.

If you don’t make this line good enough to click, this entire segment of your marketing strategy is going to lose out. There is no point in sending out an email that no one actually reads. There are a few tips to make sure this line is as attention-retaining as possible:

  • Address the reader directly
  • Make it short
  • Use action words
  • Make it as unique as possible, so it stands out

2. Keep Your Subject Line Relevant

You might get caught up in making your subject line as catchy and unique as possible that you forget to keep it relevant; your subject line should reflect the content of your email. Misguiding your readers with an irrelevant subject like could result in them unsubscribing from future marketing emails from your business.

There are many marketing emails that have a subject line that does not truly stand in line with the content of the mail; these are then categorized as click-bait emails and often end up in the junk folder of potential customers.

3. Start With a Clear Message

You have a very short period of time in which you need to catch and retain the reader’s attention. Once your subject line has got them to click on the email, your copy should keep them engaged, getting them to keep reading further.

Importance of Clear Message

Clear communication of your company message is vital. In order for people to get excited about your brand they need to understand it first. This can be difficult when on average people’s attention span dips after just a few sentences when reading.

Before trying to make your marketing email sound fun and captivating, you need to make sure you know exactly what message you are trying to get across to your reader. Don’t lose sight of the email’s main message and purpose. Be as descriptive as possible while describing the product or service to make sure your future customers know exactly what they are signing up for.

4. Follow With Some Catchy Copy

Once you have noted down in detail what you want the message to be and exactly what you are trying to say through your email, it’s time to start making it sound exciting and memorable. You want this copy to stay in the reader’s mind so it can convert into sales.

When spicing up your content, keep in mind that you shouldn’t over-promise results and never use false statistics. If you add too many catchy words and unrealistic claims, your email is likely to be categorized as a sham; don’t make it sound too good to be true.  

5. Write in Second Person

The best way to address your reader in a marketing email is in the second person. This writing style will keep your reader engaged because it will sound like the email is personalized for them. You want to get your reader to read the email as if it was written for them; this way, they will be able to relate better to the product or service you are marketing.

6. Keep the Tone Conversational

A conversational tone through the email is also important to keep the reader engaged. If your tone is too formal, it will feel too much like an advert, and your reader is likely to lose interest. If your reader feels like they are a part of a conversation, they will continue reading to learn more about your product/service. You can use more conjunctions and informal words to keep the tone conversational; once you are done writing the email, read it back to yourself to make sure it doesn’t sound forced, rather it just flows like it would if you were speaking.

7. Keep it Short

People do not have tons of time on their hands to read emails that don’t pertain to their work or personal life. They would rather just quickly skim over any extra emails, so you need to keep your email as short as possible. Make sure that you can get your desired message across within a few lines; you won’t have their attention for long enough to go over all the details about your product or service.

8. Highlight Your Product Benefits

Your marketing email should focus on the benefits of what you are selling rather than the features. You want your reader to relate to the product; your features should be highlighted in a traditional or digital advert, while in the email, you want to highlight what the product can possibly do to make the life of the reader better in some way.

Anytime you go into writing a marketing email or any sort of copy for marketing, make sure to read it back to yourself. Cut out anything that sounds like you are rambling or anything that breaks your flow. We hope these tips help with your next project!

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