9 Proven Content Marketing Strategies that Work

9 Proven Content Marketing Strategies that Work

Content marketing is all about getting people to talk about your brand online. If you look at it closely, it is a numbers game.

For every business out there that is trying to sell its products and services online, there are thousands of customers who are searching for those products. That means if you put effort into it and actively market your brand, you will succeed in attracting the right customers to your website or social media pages consistently.

If your business is struggling to generate leads or conversions online, you may need to change your strategy. We look at 9 effective content marketing strategies that can help your business grow and get conversions quickly.

Create Good Quality Content

Make sure that you post good quality articles, blog images, videos and other media on your website. What do I mean by quality? The content should provide your audience with something of value.

It could be anything from entertainment to informative content or even inspirational writing that puts people in a good frame of mind. As long as it is something that people may be interested in and want to share on their own social media pages, it has value.

Some marketers produce self help blogs that help raise their readers’ knowledge or ability to perform day to day tasks on their own. Other marketers produce entertaining content that keeps their viewers coming back to see more.

As a blogger or content creator, you can offer your audience a solution to their problem. Many people look for answers online and your blog or social media page could become a good source of solutions for them.

Use the AIDA Principle for Creating Content

AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. It is a marketing strategy that has proven quite effective for promoting brands or selling products and services.

In the digital domain, it involves creating a captivating content title. Look at crafting something that immediately grabs the attention of your audience. The first couple of lines of the content must convince people to click and read your content. The opening of your post must hook the reader into reading the whole article.

Once you have hooked your readers, you need to maintain their interest by using a simple yet conversational tone. Experts suggest using short sentences with paragraphs that are no bigger than 2 to 3 lines. The central topic should be reasonably covered within the body of your content and build up to generate a desire towards your product or service.

Near the end, place a clear and easy to follow call to action (CTA) within your content. This tells the reader what you want them to do and take the desired action. Good places for the CTA are within the content and near the end of your topic.

Write Blog Posts that Convert

Blogs are very powerful tools that can help you build a strong following online. Unlike your website’s dedicated pages, blogs can be updated more often. They also give you more freedom in the type of topics that you want to cover for promoting your products and services.

  1. Blogs serve multiple purposes. They can be used to provide information to your audience and also help you sell products and services with ease.
  2. You can add favorable facts and testimonials in your blogs that are great for convincing readers why they should buy your products or services.
  3. You can add catchy titles to blogs that instantly grab attention and get clicks online.
  4. Another great thing about blogs is that they allow you to add relevant visuals to them that boost their appeal and convert readers into customers more effectively.
  5. Many bloggers add links to other interesting posts on their websites in their blogs. This ensures visitors remain on your website or social media page longer and even convince them to buy your products.
  6. Links can also help you sell products and services. For example, if a particular section in your blog really drives home the usefulness of your services, you can insert a direct link to the checkout page to start the sales process.

Build a Good Reputation and Trust

Building a consistent audience is a long term strategy. Basically, you have to produce blogs and other content consistently for months before people will trust you enough to buy products and services from you.

Bigger corporations that are coming to the digital content domain find it easier to build an audience. This is because their brand name is already well established and recognized. However, new businesses starting from scratch will need time to build an image that helps them build a base of supporters and customers.

There are three factors that are important for building trust and a good reputation.

  1. First, the content should cater to a larger audience and be acceptable to the majority of people. If you only focus on a single community or demographic, other people will find it hard to relate to your business.
  2. Second, don’t raise controversy. Social conversations have become very polarized these days and it is best to avoid taking a strong position on an issue.
  3. Third, your business must take the right actions in most circumstances, or at least appear to care for your customers’ concerns. If you run an online food delivery service and customers complain on your page, you should take action to address the issue instead of ignoring it altogether.

Get Endorsements from Customers and Other Businesses

There is nothing better than getting positive endorsements from your customers and other businesses. They help build your brand credibility and image.

You can get endorsements in different ways. They can be in the form of reviews or five star ratings on your website, social media pages and other business listings/review sites. You can also make it easier for visitors and social media followers to leave comments on your website that can be useful.

Some online publications post reviews and compare products and services from different businesses. Such comparison sites are followed by thousands of readers who trust them for their impartial view. If your company can get a positive comparison of such platforms, it can boost your sales and website traffic.

Your business can also get referrals and recommendations from other businesses, influencers and content creators online. These referrals are seen as more credible by users than anonymous reviews and ratings on your platforms. However, you would really need to impress such influencers to get mentioned.

Some businesses sponsor influencers to get recommendations. It can be expensive, but useful for short-term marketing campaigns.

Use Social Media

Social media platforms have become the perfect places to attract an audience and market your products and services. Millions of dollars are spent every day on buying everything from food, clothing and electronics to entertainment, news and other home services on social platforms.

Facebook and Twitter are at the top of the list. If you have limited time and can only be active on one platform, then go for one of these. There are hundreds of millions of active users that log into these platforms daily and your content will reach more people if you actively posted on these two.

Instagram is another popular. You may want to look into it if you have lots of images to share. Food, fashion, entertainment and electronics businesses are very popular on instagram, where they market their products through amazing pictures.

YouTube and the recent sensation TikTok should also be considered in your content plan. These social networks are dedicated to creating and sharing video content. Creating this type of content takes more time and it is more expensive. However, you can offer much greater value through video content than blogs and other posts.

Most businesses can’t be active everywhere and they choose two or three platforms to stick with. Which one you choose will depend on the type of business you have and your marketing needs.

Communicate Regularly

The social impact of your content marketing depends on how regularly you communicate with your readers. If you regularly post new content on your website and social media pages, you will attract a bigger audience and reach more customers.

Most content creators try to publish at least one blog on their website every other day. This is common in educational, entertainment and news industries. Manufacturers, retailers and other services providers don’t need to post as often.

You should aim for at least 2 blogs or articles each week as the bare minimum.

Producing new content consistently will help raise the ranking for your website and improve the visibility of your brand. If you are struggling to produce content regularly, you can always hire professional bloggers and content creators. They are relatively cheap and can put out good quality blogs, articles or videos, based on your requirements.

Consider Posting Interactive Content

Interactive content is part of a two communication strategy. Research shows that an audience pays more attention to the speaker or writer when they are asked for feedback from time to time.

In classrooms, lecturers that asked questions found a higher level of interest and engagement from students than lecturers who delivered lectures without asking questions. The same holds true for online content.

You can explore and publish a variety of interactive content on your site. This includes quizzes, games, polls, contests and other interactive tools.

For instance, suppose you run an entertainment blog on movies and celebrities on your website. You can start a trivia quiz about movies and other pop culture. Readers can be given a multiple choice questionnaire with 20 questions about a movie or celebrity. At the end of the quiz, they can be given a score based on the number of correct answers they’ve picked.

Based on their score, the reader can be given a title from ‘A diehard fan of X’ to ‘Completely clueless about X’.

Remember to keep such quizzes fun and lighthearted.

Interactive assessment tools are also used by professional business firms. Mortgage lenders often add a ‘Free Assessment Too’ to help prospective homebuyers. The tools are used to help buyers understand various mortgage options and monthly loan repayment amounts.

Make the Buying Process Easier for Your Visitors

When it comes to online shopping, there is nothing more frustrating than going through a long or complex checkout process. Many businesses overcomplicate their checkouts either to collect customer data or to keep the transactions secure for clients.

The checkout process should be simple, quick and seamless for your customers. Most online shoppers are not interested in filling out page after page of information and credit card details. A long checkout can make them lose interest and they’d leave to buy from someone else.

We recommend placing a single-page payment form on your site. Options will become visible for clients based on the payment methods they choose. Make it easy for visitors to quickly order products and services and your conversion rate should go up.

If your business sells consumable products, consider adding text boxes that can be automatically filled up for repeat customers. Many online food ordering businesses have applied such forms very successfully on their website. People who order food through food delivery services find it much easier to add their card details for ordering food.

Final Word

Creating great content is all about learning and improving your marketing effort with time. Keep in mind that no one gets the formula right the first time. However, smart content creators keep an eye on what’s happening in the market and adjust their strategy to the latest trends to get results.

So the lessons are to always keep learning and adapting your marketing strategy and keep your head up for success. Best of luck!

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