Blog or Vlogs – Which Is Better for 2021 & Beyond?

With over 2 billion users worldwide, surveys suggest that over 79% of all internet traffic has their own YouTube account; and the number is rising steadily. Every day, thousands of people start their own blogs or a vlog. However, starting either of the two doesn’t mean they know what they’re doing or how to do it. In fact, many new […]

How to Write Social Media Posts – A Detailed Guide

Having an active social media presence has become a necessity in 2020 where it used to be a luxury not 10 years ago. The platforms are not only a means to socialize but have become the perfect ground for digital marketers and bloggers to promote themselves or their organizations. Social media posts have evolved from being “feeling happy with 8 […]

Creating a Roundup Blog Post — What Is It & How to Write One

One of the most SEO-friendly blog posts you can publish are roundup blog posts. They are not only a great source of information for your readers, but also to place you as the subject matter expert. A good roundup blog post has the potential of generating traffic much quicker than regular blog posts, even long-forms. However, just like anything else, […]

Making My Homepage More Interesting – What to Write on The Homepage?

When someone visits your website, the first few milliseconds make a world of difference between deciding to click on the “back” button or check out what you have to offer. Yes, that’s right. It takes milliseconds for visitors to bounce out of your website if they don’t like it immediately. Your website’s homepage is the critical point for whether visitors […]

Guest Blogging – A Guide Into The What & The How

The world continues to become increasingly digital with passing time. As an increasing number of people spend more time on the internet and the most successful marketing professionals are taking advantage of this by helping the businesses they work with succeed through various digital marketing strategies. An effective blogging strategy is crucial to a successful content marketing plan now. If […]

Visual Elements in a Blog Post – Images Vs Videos

Pictures are like the soul food for our eyes when going through an article, but videos offer much more engagement than images; unless the competition is between a low-quality video vs an infographic. Blogging is a science, and the debate of images vs. videos is like the algebra in every science. Yes, the subject can do without using x or […]

Getting More Blog Comments – 5+1 Tips to Increase Reader Engagement

Creating engaging content is one of those challenges that everyone looks forward to; yet not everyone has the right mindset to tackle. You can’t just jump into your topic or finish abruptly and expect to increase blog engagement. When writing your blog, remember that every person is different. You can’t engage everyone the same way, so don’t expect the same […]