How Google Ranks With SEO and How To Use It To Your Advantage

If you have a website for your business, then it is very likely that you have heard of the mighty SEO! Anyone working in the online space has heard of these three letters being spoken over and over again, and that’s because they guarantee you a spot at the top with Google’s search engine results pages or SERPs. But, why […]

8 SEO Tools Every Writer Should Be Using

Google has time and again reiterated why the SEO optimization of content is so important to ensure your website shows up on their results pages. They have put out multiple guidelines to make sure you have everything you need to optimize your content as best you can. Thousands of others are using these guidelines to make sure their content is […]

How to Stay Competitive in The Digital Marketing Copywriting Space

Marketing has shifted from traditional tactics to those involving technology and the Internet, and this is true for a lot of businesses. People are spending more time than ever on their phones, using it to browse the web. This has also brought about a boom in the e-commerce space. So, why wouldn’t businesses want to focus more time, energy, and […]

Digital Copywriting Bootcamp

In recent times, most copywriters want to go for digital copywriting jobs. This is because most industries have gone digital. These varying industries include medical, educational, financial, and recreational. There is no industry that doesn’t have an online footprint. So, how does a writer distinguish themselves in this ever-growing but completely saturated market? Why Are Digital Copywriting Skills So Sought […]

Why Does Direct Response Copywriting Pay So Well?

A lot goes into the craft of copywriting; it has multiple, different facets and niches, and each has its own reasoning, style, and result. One of these niches is Direct Response Copywriting (DRC), and it is one of the most highly paid positions that a copywriter can have. Emphasis is laid on it because it is not easy to do. […]

SEO Copywriting: The Big No-Nos

SEO is an essential step for increasing the visitor count of websites by appearing in the top results on Google’s search pages, and it involves good, audience-centric copywriting. What content creators need to realize is that they are not writing for robots, but actual readers. Google strives to make its user experience as optimal as possible through the results they […]

8 Tips to Write the Perfect Marketing Emails

Marketing emails have become a popular way to reach a wide audience in one swoop. Emails are also an easy way to track conversion rates because readers often follow CTAs within the email to whatever is being sold. If you want your marketing emails to be successful, follow these simple tips to get your copy to be the best it […]

How to Rank #1 on Google With SEO Copywriting

The goal of using SEO to enhance your content is to make sure that it ranks high on Google search results. People rarely go onto the second results page when they use the search engine, and it is even rarer that they go to the third or fourth, and so on. This is why you want whatever content you are […]