Blog or Vlogs – Which Is Better for 2021 & Beyond?

Blog or Vlogs – Which Is Better for 2021 & Beyond?

With over 2 billion users worldwide, surveys suggest that over 79% of all internet traffic has their own YouTube account; and the number is rising steadily. Every day, thousands of people start their own blogs or a vlog. However, starting either of the two doesn’t mean they know what they’re doing or how to do it.

In fact, many new and aspiring bloggers and vloggers usually ask themselves whether they can benefit from a blog more or a vlog. Here we will discuss which is more beneficial, whether you’re in it to earn or just to help your audience learn.

So, let’s dive in!

Vlogs vs. Blogs – A Quick Comparison

If you look at a blog and a vlog in general, you will find that both of them serve an almost similar function. Where one of them uses words to express what the author is trying to say, the other uses video. Both aspects revolve around one core objective; content creation and distribution.

What Is a Blog

Blogs are considered to be one of the most popular means of content creation. Written content is still king in this digital era, and if you consider the environment as a whole, you will find that this isn’t likely to change anytime soon.

This, what you’re reading, is a blog. Think of it as a means through which an author communicates with readers. Blogs in general are suggested to be more ‘formal’ and attract a much more targeted and relatively ‘serious’ audience.

Although blogs have found ways to include other forms of content as well, such as images, gifs and even videos, but just because there is a video in it, doesn’t mean it is a vlog. One of the most common types of blogs are how-to-articles and news/trends. If you’re trying to improve your SEO ranking, a blog is much more effective than a vlog.

What Is a Vlog

Vlog is a derivative term that comes from ‘blog’, but instead of text, it focuses on videos. It’s a video blog. Not everyone likes reading, which is why the demand for vlogs came to rise in the first place. Not every video viewer on the internet reads, but every reader does watch videos from time to time.

If you’re looking to capitalize on the non-reader market, vlogs are the way to go.

Where written content has a certain formal grace to it, vlogs suffer in that context, especially if the author themselves are in the video. There is a degree of informality associated with the prospect.

Videos are starting to gain popularity, especially after the pandemic as people want to consume more content in less time. Although written content is still on top by a wide margin, if written content ever fails, video content is next in line for the throne.

Creating a professionally-made video is also much costlier, so you have to keep that in mind.

Difference Between Blogs & Vlogs – Earning Capabilities

If you look at both, blogs and vlogs from an earning point of view, you’d be glad to know both of them offer a rather viable opportunity. Where you need more readers to earn from a blog, you need more viewers for a vlog. At the end of the day, a determining factor is still the number of subscribers you have.

There are several vlogs and YouTube channels that help their owners earn more and more, but at the same time there are also several blogs that help owners earn millions.

However, if you compare both earning avenues, you will find that the highest earning vlogger earns over $25 million per annum, while the blogger earns over $1.8 million. This is because the market for a well-made YouTube video is much bigger than for blogs. There are more viewers in the world than readers.

Having said that, it is important to note that at the end of the day, there are two factors that matter most when it comes to earning via blogs or vlogs:

  1. The contextual relevance of the content you produce. The more relevant and up to date your content is, the better you’ll perform.
  2. The quality of content you produce. Regardless of the topic, you must know how to present it. Every topic is different and therefore demands a different approach.

Verdict Vlogs vs. Blogs

When the two content types are put together, you will find that vlogs are now becoming more and more popular. However, blogs still remain more relevant, not just in terms of SEO but also when you’re trying to be more ‘professional’ and creative with your content.

Not to say you can’t be professional or creative with videos; just that in videos, it becomes very subjective. For 2021 and beyond, you will find that a blend of both, video and written content, is what you should go for. Videos enhance engagement, while written content is a much more stable way of conveying your message and bringing your website to the top!

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