How to Write in a Conversational Tone

Your Language teacher in high school probably taught you how to write in a formal tone. Well, so did mine. The conversational tone has become the language of business. If you want your audience to quickly click through your emails or read your post, you have to break some grammar rules and make your writing conversational. People get pretty busy […]

Tips to Perfect Your Copywriting, No Matter the Niche

Whether you’re writing about a hot topic about your own niche or finding a new one, the basics of copywriting remain the same. These base copywriting principles need to be tweaked slightly every time you change your niche. You can be the king, the queen or the rook of your universe, so long as you write well. In this article, […]

Copywriting Exercises to Improve Your Writing Skills

With the coronavirus outbreak in 2020, the internet has seen a surge of activity unlike any before; not to mention the change in how we use the internet. From time spent online to the content consumed, everything has witnessed a shift. As people are subjected to more content over the internet, users are also becoming pickier in terms of the […]

Making My Homepage More Interesting – What to Write on The Homepage?

When someone visits your website, the first few milliseconds make a world of difference between deciding to click on the “back” button or check out what you have to offer. Yes, that’s right. It takes milliseconds for visitors to bounce out of your website if they don’t like it immediately. Your website’s homepage is the critical point for whether visitors […]

The Truth About Copywriting – What They Aren’t Telling You

When it comes to writing content, there are a lot of myths revolving around the craft. And as the number of readers who consume the final product increases, so does the number of copywriters. 91% of all organizations out there use content writing as a prime marketing tactic, with 54% marketers spending over $10,000 per annum on the niche. Plus, […]

Copywriting Formulas to Get People Reading All the Way Through

As the world continues to fight an invisible enemy; the novel coronavirus, studies show that 55% of the people have started using the internet more than they did before. With that comes more online reading as well. Writing a compelling copy that readers will read from start to finish has become a necessity where it used to be a luxury. […]

How to Craft the Perfect Landing Page

In the 21st century, everyone and everything is in a hurry. Whether you’re out in the shopping mall, at work or online, people want quick answers to whatever it is they’re looking for. As a website owner, you have just about 8 seconds to grab your audience’s attention. While blogs have a strong introduction to help them out, the website itself […]

What Goes into DRC and How It’s Different From Other Copywriting

Copywriting is more than just writing things plainly and calling it a day. There are so many different aspects to copywriting, and this becomes apparent from the different niches within the field. Those who are not familiar with copywriting, consider the field a monolith, i.e., all writing is the same. But there is so much more that goes into it. […]

How to Stay Competitive in The Digital Marketing Copywriting Space

Marketing has shifted from traditional tactics to those involving technology and the Internet, and this is true for a lot of businesses. People are spending more time than ever on their phones, using it to browse the web. This has also brought about a boom in the e-commerce space. So, why wouldn’t businesses want to focus more time, energy, and […]

Digital Copywriting Bootcamp

In recent times, most copywriters want to go for digital copywriting jobs. This is because most industries have gone digital. These varying industries include medical, educational, financial, and recreational. There is no industry that doesn’t have an online footprint. So, how does a writer distinguish themselves in this ever-growing but completely saturated market? Why Are Digital Copywriting Skills So Sought […]