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Creating a Mailing List for Your Blog – Staying Close to Your Readers

Creating a Mailing List for Your Blog – Staying Close to Your Readers

When asked, most marketers preferred content marketing over all else, showing how effective blogging is as a content strategy. Whether you’re promoting a product or a service, or simply looking to promote your new blog and get more readership; content is king. What follows soon after is email marketing.

Here is a graph illustrating our point.

As you can see, after content marketing, the next FREE and most preferred mode of marketing is email marketing. Publishing content regularly is one thing; but to take it to the next level, you need to create a mailing list for your blog.

Here, we will discuss how you can create a mailing list for your website and enjoy a whopping 4,400% return on your investment. So, let’s get cracking!

Creating a Mailing List for Your Blog

Choosing an Email Marketing Platform/Service

First things first; you need a way to send emails to your clients. You could just start sending emails to your customers manually, one thousand emails at a time, inputting their email addresses one by one, or you could be more sensible and sign up on an email marketing platform.

Some platforms you can sign up on include:

It’s all about personal preference when choosing your email software. Some offer trial versions, some do not. Some have free versions; some ask you to pay. Whatever you decide, it’s a step in the right direction.

Creating a Subscriber’s Form

A subscriber’s form, or more commonly known as an opt-in form, gives your audience a chance to let you know that they’re interested in getting emails from you. This form is mostly incorporated in websites as a pop-up, but also finds itself in the sidebars of many a landing page .

The email marketing platform that you signed up for may have a template form and design for you to use, but it may be a paid feature in some services. Create several forms at once in order to offer a little more diversity in your forms.

Check and recheck every element of your opt-in forms, as this is a crucial step in creating a mailing list for your blog.

  • Size
  • Wording
  • Font
  • Color
  • Position

Give Readers an Incentive

One of the first questions people will ask when they see your form is why. Why should they give you space in their inbox? What do they get?

You can include anything in your emails to make it seem more appealing to readers; from sending abstracts of articles directly to them so that they can stay updated or an eBook, all the way to discount codes for your own or other stores.

Create Visual & Compelling CTAs

It’s one thing to simply include a written CTA in your blog; it’s entirely another to have a visually pleasing CTA that stands out. It’s all about being eye-catchy here. Try to design an image and place it at the bottom or top of your blog’s pages.

Designing a CTA image isn’t hard; you can even design it yourself on Paint! Or simply use an online design tool to get a better-looking CTA image.

Try to include the following in your CTA image:

  • A photo
  • Your value propositions
  • What they will get from signing up, and
  • An interactable CTA button that leads to a thank you page.

And Finally, A/B Testing

Marketing as a whole is an iterative process. You start with one idea and move on to the next, implementing what you learned from your past mistakes. It’s all about fine tuning and moving on. That is the idea behind A/B testing.

You may have the perfect email marketing strategy in place for now, but it won’t last, so be ready for that. Humans, by nature, like a little bit of change. The more your opt-in forms change, the more engaging they are.  

See how your whole email marketing looks – all the way from lead generation to compiling your mailing list and letting the email marketing service distribute your message – through the eyes of your customers. Fill the opt-in form using your personal ID or ask your friend to do it and see if there is any room for improvement in the process.

Your blog might reach out to your audience with simple content marketing tactics, but you won’t be able to go the extra mile and encourage engagement as intently as you would with email marketing. Creating a mailing list for your blog might seem like a daunting task, but trust us, it’s the presentation that’s difficult.

You need to figure out what appeals to your audience range and what sits just right with your website’s design. From the content you put in to the fields you require and the visual CTA, it will all impact the conversions you get in the end and how you promote your blog.

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