Earning Money From Blogging — 5 Lessons We Learned Over the Years

Earning Money From Blogging — 5 Lessons We Learned Over the Years

Years of blogging has taught me a lot about the world of writing. From how to write the perfect intros for each article all the way to how to earn more. I have lost a lot of time trying to follow the ‘monumental advice’ and blogging tips and tricks from SEO bigshots, but nothing seemed to be working!

Earning money from my blog seemed to be a lost cause. But then, I thought to give it one last shot – a Hail Mary, if you will. I’m no SEO bigshot, but once I went at it on my own, I learned confidence is key. I needed to be unique, and the only way to do that was not to follow blogging lessons to-the-letter.

Once I found my way, I understood that the blogging tips and tricks you find on the internet work; but just not how you expect them to. Most of them are tailored toward enhancing your audience, not getting one from scratch.

Here, I’ll discuss 5 blogging lessons with you that helped me get an audience from scratch and build upon them so that one day you can earn enough to quit your 9-5 job and be your own boss!

5 Blogging Lessons to Learn & Earn Money From Blog

1.    Posting First About a Topic – Icing, But Not the Cake

Almost every topic out there is covered nowadays. Educational, leisure, travel, food – everything. And readers know this. They aren’t looking for a new topic, but a new perspective. Which is why being the first isn’t all that important anymore.

Today, what matters is not when you present what you’re presenting, but how. And then there’s SEO, which is equally important to bring your blog to the forefront. Unless you’re covering news (and even then, being first is like being the first raindrop to fall), don’t worry about being first. Worry about being different and engaging.

2.    Your Tone Will Change – But You Should Remain Consistent

Okay, this might seem a bit counterintuitive. Wherever you look, you’ll find that people suggest you try to remain consistent.

While this would be preferred, it is also important to remember that over the years, you will change – and so will your writing style. You will evolve, and when you do, you may even start looking at things differently.

Your tone will change, and I recommend that you don’t fight it. Fighting it only leads to bad content as your conscious mind struggles with the subconscious mind. Let it change.

What you need to be consistent in, however, is the frequency of your posts. Increase, but don’t decrease. If you post 1 article per week, don’t reduce it down to 1 article per 2 weeks, as it puts off readers. Remember, you’re doing it for your readers much more than you’re doing it for yourself.  

3.    Readers Are Usually Very Loyal – Unless You Push Them Away

Just because your readers aren’t responding to your blog or even your vlog, doesn’t mean that they aren’t reading or interested. Yes, it is a milestone that you need to cross, but don’t push too hard for it. Usually, your audience supports you and wants to see you succeed.

After all, they took out the time to read what you wrote, right?

They stick around your website for a reason – and you need to continue giving them that reason, even if it’s just because you aren’t drowning them in ads. It’s like I said, you’re doing it more for your audience than yourself.

If they like something you do, continue doing it, all while showing them how they can support you. If ads aren’t an option, start a Patreon page, subscription service, affiliate marketing, and more.

4.    Monetizing Your Blog – The Big “How-To”

The internet has brought money-making ways to home for many, such as the AdSense. There are a large number of ways you can earn from your blog, which we’ll discuss in the future, but not every mode will work for your audience.

You need to study what your audience wants – even ask them if you’re so confused – and adopt one which they prefer. Remember, blog monetization methods keep changing from time to time, and if you stick to just one method, chances are you’re going to fail after a while.

Be ready to shift as soon as you see your current mode of earning fading. Don’t abandon it, but don’t rely completely on one monetization tactic, either. Keep innovating.

5.    Start Selling Merchandise – But Remember, You’ll Suck at the Start

Speaking of monetization, start selling your own products to make a dedicated income stream. Whether it’s an eBook, t-shirt, calendar, food supplies, courses, or even an umbrella, sell your logo. This is a big step and takes a while, but is definitely something that you should work on. Have your own thing and be your own person.

This lets you be independent and own what you earn.

But at the same time, manage your expectations. Your stuff will be bad at the start. This is a business fact that the first prototypes almost never do well.  Even if your clients like it now, a year or two later you yourself are going to claim that “This is horrible!”

At the end of the day, many bloggers and vloggers suffer from following bad advice from reliable sources, but what they fail to see is that those reliable sources leave a lot of external factors to chance, or assume that you already know the basics and hurdles you’ll see.

Because of these assumptions and ignored underlying factors, you may end up making mistakes when following these blogging tips and tricks, hurting your ambitions and, in turn, the will to continue.

We hope our 5 blogging lessons were of some help to you. The aim with this piece is to help you understand that even the most fool-proof blogging plans will have chinks in their armor. Just be ready to deal with them as they arise, and when taking a new step, have a contingency plan!

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