Getting More Blog Comments – 5+1 Tips to Increase Reader Engagement

Getting More Blog Comments – 5+1 Tips to Increase Reader Engagement

Creating engaging content is one of those challenges that everyone looks forward to; yet not everyone has the right mindset to tackle. You can’t just jump into your topic or finish abruptly and expect to increase blog engagement.

When writing your blog, remember that every person is different. You can’t engage everyone the same way, so don’t expect the same reaction from every reader. Some will just read, some will comment, go to your website and some will give you the holy grail by sharing your blog.

Here, we will discuss how you can get more blog comments and get the most out of your blog by following 6 simple tips. So, let’s dive in!

What Is Reader Engagement?

Reader engagement, or blog engagement in this context, is defined as:

“Ways in which people interact with your content, be it by giving you a comment, share, a like on social media, clicking on your affiliate links or simply doing what your CTA asks them to.”

It all starts with your introduction; because after all, what good is a blog post if people don’t even bother reading through, right? A good introduction is a tool used to make sure people stay hooked, and is therefore an indirect player when it comes to increasing blog engagement. You can read more about writing the perfect opening here.

6 Tips to Increase Blog Engagement – Get More Comments on Your Blog

1. First Things First – The Introduction

Your content should be awesome; that much is no secret. But what makes it stand out is the introduction. Think of it as the road your guests take to your home. The better the road, the likelier they are to continue.

As for getting more comments on your blog, the best way to do so is by keeping your introductions conversational. Tell people that you’re approachable. Address the reader directly.

2. Be Consistent

To get engagement, you need to be reliable. Think of it as being a rock in a middle of an erratic river stream. By reliability, we don’t mean being trustworthy, mind you – but consistent. If you’re publishing a blog once a week, make sure you continue doing so.

This lets people know what they can expect from you and therefore gives them something to look forward to. Then, by introducing statements like “in the next blog, we’ll discuss…” you can build up hype.

3. Be Conversational… and Controversial (Slightly)

People are quick to leave negative reviews and are therefore more likely to respond to posts they don’t agree with; provided they think it’s worth their time or their opinions will be regarded. This happens when you are:

  1. Engaging readers by being conversational
  2. When you touch base with a controversial topic

However, it is easy to lose your train of thought when discussing a controversial topic, especially while discussing it in your blog rather than stating. Share an uncommon point of view and provoke your readers to share theirs as well, effectively getting more comments on your blog.

Just make sure you don’t say something too negative, though, or you risk damaging your goodwill.

4. Ask for Readers to Engage

“Sometimes, the easiest solution to something difficult is right in front of you; you just don’t want to believe that the answer could be so simple.”

Being covert is much better than being overt when writing a blog post, yes. Going over the top with your readers may put off a majority of them and make your blog seem much more informal than it may be.

But when you’re looking for comments on your article, saying what you want blatantly can work wonders. To get more comments on your blog, ask people to do so! Invite people to comment and share their thoughts and reply. Do not forget to reply to people who share their thoughts; positive or negative.

Remember, the more you ask people for their opinions, the less authoritative you seem.

5. Do Not Miss an Opportunity to Engage

Your audience won’t stick around for just your blog but are bound to roam around the internet, follow other blogs, watch YouTube videos, and more. Make sure you stay up to date with their activities and comment on other blogs they follow.

Just make sure you aren’t too visible. Only engage on posts that are relevant to your subject matter.

By engaging yourself with other people they follow, you become more relatable, and in turn, more approachable. As you contribute to other blogs, you aren’t just helping them out but also building your own reputation of being ‘up to date’.

Guest blogging is yet another way of making sure you are everywhere. The more people see you, again, the more likely they are to engage with your posts.

6. Don’t Just Use Facts – Ask

Much like this article, your blog post might just be focusing on explaining a certain element of your niche or be more factual than conversation-worthy. To get comments on such posts, you need to ask your audience some questions.

Furthermore, words alone may not be enough. Although this is copywriting 101,  make sure you add graphs, charts, infographics, and links to make sure your blog isn’t monotonous. Even the featured picture alone can have a significant impact on increasing the readability of your blog.

That’s what CTAs are for, if you’re feeling shy, by the way.

Going the extra mile just to get more comments is a rather bold move, yes, but perfect for those of you who’re just starting out. All you have to do is post awesome content and follow our 6 tips on how to get more comments on your blog.

If you think we missed out on something, disagree with a technique or simply have something to say, let us know down in the comments! We check our comments regularly, so you can expect an answer to your questions fairly quickly.

See you around, and happy comment hunting!

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      Thanks for the response. In my opinion, both are equal and should be used as needed. If your topic is about let’s say dirt bikes a few images would be a better choice. But if your topic was about knitting then a few tutorial videos would be a better choice versus plain images. The only way for you to know to how images and/or videos can increase your audience engagement is to use them. Depending on your topic you can find a way to integrate both into your content. Once again thank you for the feedback.

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