How to Choose an Ideal Blogging Niche in 2020

How to Choose an Ideal Blogging Niche in 2020

If you felt compelled to click this blog and see what it is all about, you’re probably someone who has thought about starting one yourself. You probably have an urge to start a blog about something, but you can’t figure out what, or maybe you do have an idea of what your blog will be about but you can’t seem to figure out if it will work!

Well, we’re here to tell you that if you want to start a successful blog, you need to come up with the ideal blogging niche. Don’t worry, we will help you through the process, and by the end of this blog, you should have a better idea of what you should be writing about in order to make your blog worthwhile.

Before starting on how to come up with a niche, let’s discuss a little bit about what exactly a blogging niche is and why it’s so important:  

What is a Blogging Niche?

A blogging niche is simply a specific topic that you will be creating your content around. It is a smaller chunk of a broad topic that helps you, as the blogger, build your expertise and authoritativeness on a chosen topic by being somewhat exclusive with the content you create.

A broad topic can be anything from Love or Life to Food or Travel. The thing is, almost everyone is interested in all of those topics, so you are bound to find a plethora of blogs and information on them. A blog with a niche will break down that broad topic and create content in detail about one specific aspect of it.

Let’s take Love and Travel, for example. A niche topic for Love could be about keeping family love and relationships strong even when times get tough like The Gottman Institute blog. A niche topic for Travel  could be specifically about outdoor travel and adventures in faraway places like the Atlas and Boots blog. Both these examples are successful in their spaces because they found a niche topic and owned it.

Why is having a Blogging Niche Important?

Are you still wondering why having a blogging niche is such a big deal? You probably think it’s much easier to come up with things to write when you’re writing about a broader topic, and you’re more likely to find readers since you’re going for a wider target audience range. Those are both common misconceptions that are so very wrong!

Firstly, when you are writing on a broad topic, you are most likely writing for a very saturated space. You will have a tough time finding your footing in a space where a lot of other bloggers have probably built their authority and thus, pose a lot of tough competition.

Second, if you are writing about a broad topic, you are doing nothing for yourself in terms of building authority and showing your expertise on said topic. You need to find something that not a lot of people are writing about, but a lot of people are searching for.

Thirdly, you are much more likely to grow your readership and even get readers onto your blog if you have a niche topic. That is because when you know exactly who you are writing for, you can write specifically to them, to answer their questions and to give them what they need. These readers will be a lot more likely to keep revisiting your blog.

How to Choose the Ideal Blogging Niche

And finally, now that you have learned what a blogging niche is and why it is so important to have one, here are some tips to follow when looking for your ideal blogging niche:

How to Pick a Profitable Blog Niche That Makes Money

Blogging is an awesome side hustle, but it’s not the blogging part of it that makes any money. The money comes from selling something people are willing to pay money for online.
Blogs are just the vehicle to deliver free traffic to your business.
That means when you choose a blogging niche, you need to choose a popular topic that people spend money on online.
If you choose the wrong niche, you’re not going to. It doesn’t matter how hard you promote your blog or how many articles you write.
If you choose the wrong niche you will fail.

Pick a Broad Topic That Interests You and Narrow in

You need to pick something that you have knowledge about and what interests you. If you are serious about starting a blog, know that you have to keep writing about it over and over again. Don’t just pick something that you don’t know anything about but you know others want to read about; you will run out of things to say and you will lose interest in your blog. If you’re interested in knitting, don’t try to start a blog about gaming because you think that’s what people want to read about!

Once you know your interests, brainstorm and research what specifically you can start writing about. Suppose you are interested in fashion, but knitting is your forte, start a blog about knitting techniques and tools!

Pick a Topic People Want to Read About

Ah yes, but you can’t be too obscure about what you are writing about. You still want people to read it. A quick search on Google will let you know if what you want to write about is what people want to read. Use the Google Trends tool to see what the interest in your topic is like. We did a quick search on knitting and compared it to stitching, and here are our results:

This clearly shows us that knitting is definitely the better option to write about when compared to stitching! However, if you are looking for actual numbers with your search, try using a tool that will tell you specific numbers of how many people are searching for a specific keyword. You can use Moz to help you there.

Pick a Topic Not A Lot of People Are Writing About

Now that you have done your searches, you want to try to enter a market that isn’t too saturated. Try to have as little competition as possible. People might be searching your keyword a lot, but others might also be writing on it a lot. Search for your chosen keyword on Google, and see what comes up; if you feel like a lot of blogs are showing up, scroll down to the related searches section, and you might be able to find an even more specific niche to start your blog on.

Pick a Topic You Can Monetize Later On

Most people start a blog so they can eventually start making money from it. It’s something that you will be dedicating a good chunk of your time and effort to, so you want to be able to get something in return. You want to pick a topic that you can either start selling affiliate products for, or then have related ads on your blog from AdSense. You can also look up other blogs related to your niche and see if they are making money to determine if this is the right topic for you.

We hope these tips can help you come up with your ideal blogging niche. Find something you love to write about, make sure other people want to read about it, and start creating that content!

All blogs take time to pick up, and require some form of dedication, so be persistent and you’ll be sure to succeed!

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