How to Stay Competitive in The Digital Marketing Copywriting Space

How to Stay Competitive in The Digital Marketing Copywriting Space

Marketing has shifted from traditional tactics to those involving technology and the Internet, and this is true for a lot of businesses. People are spending more time than ever on their phones, using it to browse the web. This has also brought about a boom in the e-commerce space. So, why wouldn’t businesses want to focus more time, energy, and budget on their digital marketing strategies?

If digital marketing is on top, then digital marketing copywriting comes in a close second. Both work in tandem to create effective marketing strategies; without good copywriting, any digital marketing campaign is sure to fall short. Let’s look closely at what digital marketing copywriting is, why businesses give it so much importance, and how you can become a great digital marketing copywriter.

What Is Digital Marketing Copywriting? Why is the Niche So Competitive?

Simply put, digital marketing copywriting is copywriting done for any content created to sell a product or service. This piece of content is written specifically for digital platforms like social media and e-commerce websites. The niche is very competitive because it’s very lucrative for copywriters. Businesses rely on digital marketing copywriters to create suitable content to sell their products. 

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is gaining popularity daily, and copywriting is a vital part of it. Copywriting is any writing done to sell a product or service for any business. Websites, social media platforms, advertisements and brochures all use copywriting to persuade their target audience to take action

How to Make Your Mark in Digital Marketing Copywriting:

Once you have managed to get a contract for this niche, you need to create content that is a step above the rest to get future clientele. Use these tips to perfect your craft so companies will want to hire you over and over again:

Know the Product/Service

Before starting your project, you need to know the product or service you are marketing in and out. You need to be able to convey everything about what you are trying to sell. This includes knowing the specs of the product to a T, its functionality, knowing what needs it was made to meet, what problems it solves for the buyer, and any other details regarding it.

These details are the same, even if you are writing for a service rather than a product. The more you know about it, the better you can convince someone to purchase it. If you can get your hands on the product or get a chance to preview the service, it will make your digital marketing copywriting process a lot easier.

Know Who You Are Writing For

Knowing your audience is one of the most important factors in marketing, and the same goes for digital marketing copywriting. If you have no idea who you are writing for, you are going to have a tough time determining the language and tone you need to use to get your message across. Once you get to know your product, who the product was made for comes easily.

Once you have identified the audience, cater your writing directly to them. If the product is made for teenage girls from the US, use a conversational style of writing with a fun and casual tone. If your service is catering to executives of big businesses, keep your writing style formal and to the point. Your audience will determine the direction of your writing. 

Do Your Own Research

Most likely, when you are hired by a digital marketing firm, or for any digital marketing copywriting, you will be given some research and information about the product or service. If you want to stand out in the space, go above and beyond your current skills.

Go on and do some market research on your own. See what works in terms of copywriting for similar products or services in the market. You will not only get an idea of what style and tone you should be using, but you will also be able to give your client a superior result than if you just stuck to what they gave you.  

Be Persuasive in Your Writing

Persuasive writing is utilized by writers to take a stance on an issue, convincing readers to agree with a certain opinion or idea. A good persuasive argument uses a combination of thorough research and careful word choice in order to present the writer’s opinion strongly and get the reader to agree.

Marketing is all about persuasion. You need to be able to convince your audience to buy what you’re selling; that’s marketing 101. So, why do so many digital marketing copywriters find it hard to grasp this idea? It’s not that they don’t understand the concept, but that they aren’t applying it effectively into their writing.

The fundamentals of persuasive writing start with creating a need in the audience’s life for the product. Identify the need and elaborate on it in a way that they might not have seen on their own. Explain how a particular offering is the solution to their need and back it up with evidence. Then, provide details about the product and how its features can be helpful. Finally, tell them what to do via a call to action. Give details about where to get the product and how it will enrich their lives. Use the power of persuasion to your advantage.

Use FOMO Copywriting to Your Advantage

Fear of missing out, or FOMO short, is the phenomenon of being afraid that you’ll miss out on something exciting if you don’t take immediate action.
We see it everywhere. This particular fear isn’t just of missing out on social media posts, it extends to checking email, phone calls, and more.

This is another tactic that is a part of persuasive copywriting, but it is so effective, it deserves its own point. Fear of missing out or FOMO is something that most people experience; you should take advantage of this behavior.

If you use FOMO copywriting, you are creating a need for urgency in the buyer where they feel like they not only need the product or service, but they need it now! Add stats and figures that show how much of the product has already been sold. If your client has any limited-time offers or experiencing low inventory, it would help to create that feeling of urgency through your writing.

As we discussed above, digital marketing copywriting can be extremely lucrative as a profession because businesses are willing to pay big bucks to get their products sold. Once you take all the advice above to hone your craft, then breaking into the space and rising to the top is in your hands. Be persistent and stay motivated, and your time to rise up through the digital marketing copywriting space is sure to come.

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