Improving Your Readers’ Experience – Best WordPress Themes for Your Blog in 2020

Improving Your Readers’ Experience – Best WordPress Themes for Your Blog in 2020

Customer engagement  is key if you’re looking to convert leads into customers or simply want readers to come back for more. Website design plays a vital role in reflecting your unique self, just as well as your content does; even more so when it comes to improving customer experience.

Even the most well-structured article can seem bland and unattractive if the website design isn’t appealing enough. One easy way of getting a good design is by choosing one the best WordPress themes out there in 2020.

Here, we have listed 11 FREE WordPress themes that you can choose from today to not just attract customers but also make sure they have a customer experience that stays with them for long!

Before we dive in, though, it is important to remember that when choosing the best website design, you shouldn’t just pick fan-favorites, but those that can help you achieve your vision. From the look to its feel, design and layout, everything should be as you want it without you having to mess with the HTML/CSS code.

Best WordPress Themes – Improving Customer Experience

  1. Cali
  2. Astra
  3. Gucherry Blog
  4. Simple
  5. Overlay
  6. Blog Way
  7. Blossom Feminine
  8. Hemingway
  9. Kale
  10. Bulan
  11. Editorial


This free WordPress theme focuses on highlighting your recent or featured posts on the home page, that acts like a welcome and a landing page at the same time. With this theme, if you’re looking for a contemporary outlook, you simply have to upload matching feature images to your posts.

At the same time, if you’re looking for something vibrant or diverse, you can upload pictures as shown in the image above and get a gorgeous blog or magazine website.

In our experience, this theme is best-suited for people looking for travel, fashion, food or other similar blogs, but if you’re careful enough, you can use this theme for professional niches as well.

Cali is responsive, meaning that it can be viewed on different devices easily without you having to create a mobile version as well. This is an essential element when it comes to improving customer experience across a range of devices.

You can also use several widgets with Cali that can be placed in the sidebar, header and footer. As with any other theme, the website is completely customizable; from the color arrangement and assortment all the way to what you want to show on the front page.


Lightweight, easy on the eyes, and most importantly, a rather versatile theme that can adapt to any given niche; even professional ones. From ad options to widgets and ready-to-use thumbnails, the Astra WordPress theme may very well be the best option for many.

You can import all your settings and existing blogs to this theme without having to make many changes. While the free version might not give you access to the full range of features, what you get is still worth it, since you get tools dedicated to your one goal; improving customer experience.

If you’re looking for a theme that is quick to load and is compatible with almost every design type or page builder, Astra is a great option for you.

Gucherry Blog

A theme made for those of you who are looking for a beautiful and minimal design, Gucherry is one of the best free WordPress themes you can go for. The home page allows you to use images and minimalistic headings to help grab readers’ attention.

Furthermore, the slider at the top makes itself not just seen but also useful thanks to the number of widgets on there, making navigation much easier. By default, this theme has dedicated space for ads so that you may monetize your blog.

The About Us page  is yet another place where the theme shines, offering you a rather creative space to write about yourself in the most compelling manner possible. If done right, this page alone has enough to make sure your readers are impressed. 


Another light and fast WordPress theme is Overlay; perfect for those looking to improve customer experience via speed. Overlay has a very nostalgic outlook, ideal for you if you’re looking to target people who are in love with the olden days.

The free version of Overlay lets you make a blog or a fully customized online store by giving you utmost control over every element on your website’s layout. You get to control the spacing, colors settings, text position, widgets and more.

Blossom Feminine

For those of you looking to give your blog post a feminine touch, you simply can’t go wrong with Blossom Feminine. It’s free, it’s cute, and most importantly, it’s fully functional and then some.

You have full control over the colors, styles, images and assortment of your website and it can therefore be used to make WordPress websites in the fashion, lifestyle, travel, journal, beauty or food blogs very easily.

At the same time, if you’re looking for something more professional, you might not find it on Blossom Feminine. However, that doesn’t mean Blossom doesn’t have anything else to offer. You can find a free, professional theme very easily on their website.

If you are planning on converting your blog into an online store at any time, the theme is fully compatible with WooCommerce plugin and transition is just a click away!


No list of the best WordPress themes is complete without adding Hemingway into the mix. Whether you’re a professional looking to write your musings or spread your knowledge, or something that you can use to express on any niche you want, Hemingway is the way to go.

This theme has a way of speaking to the novelist in you as a writer and an avid reader in your audience, telling you to continue. The theme can be minimalistic for those who want it or vibrant if that is what you’re shooting for thanks to the numerous customization options available.

The theme revolves around your words, making it an ideal choice for your blogs.

The free theme isn’t just responsive, but also supports high-quality graphics, 4k view, retina-ready outlook, and more.

WordPress is one of the fastest growing platforms since 2007, and even still there are more and more people looking to make their own website through the platform. With so many websites out there, the only way to stand out from the crowd is by improving customer experience on your website by choosing the best website design you can find.

If you think we missed out on something or have something to add, we would love to hear your thoughts! We are sure that there are many WordPress themes that you love, but we may have missed. Let us know about them down in the comments if you have something to share!

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