Making Your Blog Relevant to Corporate Audiences — Best Practices

Making Your Blog Relevant to Corporate Audiences — Best Practices

When it comes to blogging, there is a wide range of niches and audiences that you can adapt your blog to. This can range from children or teenagers all the way to young adults of different genders, different industries, niches, and more. But one of the most lucrative audiences to target is the broad corporate sector.

However, as lucrative it is, writing a blog for such an audience can be a daunting task; and for good reason. All it takes is one small mistake for you to lose a huge chunk of your readers. This is why here I’ll explain some of the best practices to keep in mind when writing for a corporate audience, or simply shaping your blog as a corporate blog.

Dos and Don’ts of Corporate Blog Writing

There are several dos and don’ts when it comes to writing a blog for corporate audiences. Here are they in detail.

The Do’s

  • Set clear goals for your blog, but don’t over do it! Make sure that the goals you set for yourself are reachable. This may include ensuring consistency, changing your niche slowly, or simply getting a fixed number of new readers every day.
  • Create or have buyer personas created by professionals and study them thoroughly. These personas will help you identify your readers and even get up close and personal with some!
  • Try to incorporate surveys and polls at the end of your blogs to understand what your blog needs to appease to corporate audiences.
  • When creating content, try to present a problem and solve it by answering common questions asked by corporate readers. Use your buyer personas for reference here as well.
  • Be engaging by being conversational, but keep a lid on it. Make sure you don’t become ‘casual’ in the process.
  • Create and distribute a newsletter. Share it with your subscribers regularly.
  • Design your website properly. Take your time and pay as much attention as you can to the design – the first impression matters.
  • Don’t just write content, create content. Corporate audiences like visual content that appeals to them. It doesn’t necessarily have to be professionally made; just enough to help them skim over the gist of your article when they’re in a hurry.
  • Share your opinion, but don’t make a habit of it. Focus on facts as much as possible. Only share stories when appropriate. Remember, corporate readers are used to making decisions, so your opinion won’t really matter much to them, but will only end up putting them off!

The Don’ts

  • Don’t be afraid – not to write, not to edit, not to create visual content, and most importantly, not to click the publish button. Remember, at the end of the day, they are readers and will understand when you make a mistake. Just don’t make a habit of it. Mistakes will cost you, yes, but not taking an initiative will cost you even more!
  • Promote, but be very subtle about it. If you would promote your services or products to regular readers 3 times in an article, when catering to corporate readers, pitch your agenda just once, and even then try to keep it as short as possible. Marketing lingo doesn’t really sit right in corporate blogs. Plus, such high-level executives don’t really care to being subjected to marketing lingo, either.
  • Write for your audience, not for the search engines. Yes, SEO is important, but not as important as your readers if you already have a readership. In the corporate world, blogs spread more by word of mouth than by SEO. Having said that, don’t drop out SEO ventures altogether, either. Keep a balance. What I’m trying to say here is that provide value to your readers, not to search engines.
  • Every blog, every website and every platform has trolls on it. Internet trolls are people who are there just to add fuel to fire. They post negative content on your website and try to make you look bad on purpose. Avoid the urge to punch someone in the face in your comment section. This will only end up making you look bad!
  • Becoming successful in the corporate world is harder than in any other niche, so if you’re hedging your bets there, don’t give up. Having a successful corporate blog takes a lot of time and finger grease, so stick to the keyboard. Hold on as long as possible.
  • You’re not just a writer anymore; you’re a corporate blogger now. People read what you post and a majority of them like it. Don’t tell yourself that you can’t write or that you are just another fish in the sea.
  • Don’t wait. If you have a topic, start researching. If you mope around waiting for inspiration to strike, it never will. Tell yourself that you need to work on a topic. In the beginning, you will feel like your blog doesn’t really amount to much, but continue writing. Once you have begun, the rest will follow. I keep telling my fellow writers; the starting’s the hardest part’.
  • Don’t just leave your blog as is; treat it like a puzzle. Move words and sentences around. Shuffle ideas and images until everything sits in place. It is a trial and error process, but one that you can definitely get the hang of!

These dos and don’ts should get the ball rolling for your ventures on writing a corporate blog. If it doesn’t work, you simply need to give it more time. You might even have to promote it a bit, but not too much.

I wish you the best of luck in your corporate blogging ventures!

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