Social Media & Your Blog Post — 5 Tips to Effectively Combine the Two

Social Media & Your Blog Post — 5 Tips to Effectively Combine the Two

It’s easy to recommend that you share your content on every platform possible, but when you come to it, it takes a bit of finesse. It’s a marketer’s job description to do that, and most of them are very good at doing so. However, when it comes to social media promotion, many marketers still struggle.

It might not look like it, but social media and your blog both go hand in hand when you’re trying to promote anything, be it your blog itself or the products you sell.

Most bloggers spend a majority of their time writing and creating the perfect blog post, but when it comes to promotion, only 10% effort goes into it. And if you consider social media promotion, you’ll find that the time spent on it is even less.

As a blogger, no amount of traffic is enough, and if you can’t convert your social media followership into website traffic, you need to reassess what you’re doing. We recommend that you give at least 40% of your time promoting – at least – and the other 60% to writing.

Here, we’ll go over some basic steps that you can take to better integrate your social media accounts with your blog and start increasing your traffic.

Combining Blog With Social Media – Social Media Promotion Tactics

1.     Log in, Share, Log Out, Repeat

You put your heart and soul into creating the best blog for your audience; what good would it do you if they don’t find it? It’s not enough just to publish your blog and wait for people to come. You need to show them the way toward your website and show them that you mean business.

After you’ve proofread your article, it’s time you start sharing it with the world; and the best way to do that is by sharing on social media. Pitch it as much as you can, to as many people as you can. Since you wrote such a good article, what’s stopping you from sharing?

The opportunities are endless. All it takes is just 15 minutes if you’re short on time.

Write a good post for your platforms, add a shortened link to it and start posting! Since you’re already in a hurry, just log in, paste, re-check, post, log out and move on to the next platform. Although we’re sure you’re already aware of these, here are some platforms that you definitely don’t want to miss.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest, and
  • Instagram

If you can share it on more platforms such as Tumblr, Reddit, etc., don’t hesitate.

2.     The 100 Rule

Make at least a hundred new contacts every day.

This is an old rule that salespersons follow and is known as the 100 rule. It’s a simple concept that suggests their job for the day isn’t done until you have at least 100 new contacts; even if it demands that you have to resort to cold calling.

You, as a marketer for your blog, are nothing short of a salesperson and therefore, the 100 rule also applies to you. And where else would you start than your social media accounts? All you have to do is respond to comments and follow others back.

100 is a scary number, yes, so let’s just make it 99 if you’re starting out – since you asked so nicely.

To get more contacts, you need to work on engagement, not just when writing social media posts, but also when writing your blog. Make sure the post you write has enough context and bits demanding participation, even if it’s just to head on to your blog. If people click on your post and head to your website, take that as a win.

3.     Meta & Open Graph Data

This isn’t as much a social media thing as it is an SEO aspect, so even if you are working on your SEO, you’re more than halfway done. “Meta” includes meta title and meta descriptions that your website and search engines use to sort your pages out.

Open graph data, on the other hand, is something that you do specifically for social media promotion. This includes image, title and a short excerpt that Facebook, Google, Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn show whenever you share a link.

The easiest way to set up open graph data and meta details is with the help of WordPress plugin Yoast. It doesn’t just present the option to include these critical elements, but also makes it easier for you to  curate your pages specifically for social media.

4.     Write & Share

This is an easy one; yet something that people often forget. To boost your SEO ranking, publish regularly. To be more relevant on social media, make sure you share your blog right after you publish it. This isn’t for any algorithm, but for your audience.

The more frequently you retweet or share your writing, the more credible you’ll seem. This is you kick-starting your blog and encouraging people to share, since this is a “hot blog” in their eyes.

It is important to note here that just copying your twitter post (since it is the smallest) and sharing it across the board is never a good idea. Remember, dedicated followers might be following you on more than just one platform. Simply copy/pasting your content will end up doing you more harm than good.

5.     Re-promote & Reinvigorate

Yes, older readers will have read most of your work, but as a blog owner you need to take your whole audience with you. This is a great option for those of you who’re busy elsewhere as you’ll keep your audience busy this way.

Pin the most recent article on top and then repost older posts from time to time. Not only does it act as new material for your newer followers, but by doing so, you are also presenting your old followers with a “throwback”.

We recommend that you share your best pieces after a while to keep your new audience up to date. Be careful, though. Don’t overshoot, else you risk giving off the message that you don’t have much else to say.

These social media promotion tactics should also help you combine your blog and social media platforms, furthering your cause and helping you generate more traffic for your blog. Even a few months of following these 5 tips can do wonders for you!

If you have any concerns or would simply like to say hi, let us know down in the comments!

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