Tips to Perfect Your Copywriting, No Matter the Niche

Tips to Perfect Your Copywriting, No Matter the Niche

Whether you’re writing about a hot topic about your own niche or finding a new one, the basics of copywriting remain the same. These base copywriting principles need to be tweaked slightly every time you change your niche. You can be the king, the queen or the rook of your universe, so long as you write well.

In this article, we’ll look at these basics and make sure that what you write is filled with intrigue, piques the interest of all your readers, and at the end of the day, makes you look like the industry expert that you are.

Tips to Perfect Your Copywriting

There are a lot of tips and tricks that go into perfecting your copywriting skills, some of which we discussed in a previous post. Today, we’ll look at some more to write niche-specific content that speaks to your readers as if you’re the subject matter expert.

Know Your Audience & Write Exclusively For Them

The first tip to perfecting your copywriting that you need to remember, no matter what your niche may be, is that you’ll get all sorts of readers on your blog. You need to make sure you are writing specifically for your audience.

If you’re selling stuff, it is normal to think of every reader as a potential customer, but I’m here to tell you that this isn’t the case – even more so if the content you’re posting is good quality. A majority of your readers will be there to learn from you, not to buy.

It is important that you learn to identify your audience. We’ll discuss how you can identify your audiences better in a later post.

Write What You Love About

When choosing a topic, make sure you choose one that you can write on with your eyes closed! I’m not saying that you shouldn’t conduct research or that you shouldn’t challenge yourself, but the idea of this tip to perfect your copywriting is that you should write about things you are interested in.

This is especially the case when you’re starting out, because it is easier to keep your hopes up with such topics. Since you’re enjoying writing, you won’t be as easily disappointed by the lack of audience in the beginning.

As your number of readers increases, move on to more complex topics – and if possible, try to cover trends and news. This helps you keep your readers up to date, which in turn, helps you build a rapport with your readers as a trusted source of knowledge.

Many suggest that when choosing a niche, it isn’t a good idea to select just one, but I am of a different school of thought. If you get into the meat and potatoes of any niche, you will find that the list of topics that you can write on is endless. Not to say there is anything wrong with writing on different niches (if you can handle it), but sticking to one isn’t a crime either.

Play to Your Strengths

You would think that a niche such as yours; be it food, astronomy, digital marketing, mathematics, construction, travel or even data science has a specific tone in which you must write, right? What if I told you that isn’t the case?

A prime example of that is how on YouTube, you can find thousands upon thousands of videos on a single topic, but the one that stands out is that which takes a different approach. Remember that high school teacher you used to like studying from just because they made learning fun?

The same concept can be applied to your copywriting skills.

Let’s consider the data sciences niche. People think you need to take a very scientific approach toward explaining complicated concepts such as the K-nearest neighbor, regression analysis, and more. But if you’re someone with a keen sense of humor, I implore you to play to your strengths and give data sciences that humorous twist.

Your different or ‘out of the box’ approach may be exactly what goes viral and attracts more and more people!

You can write about anything as long as you are maintaining your writing style. So pick a style that interests you as you start your blog and stick to it!

Start With a Targeted Audience

It’s tempting to start spreading the word about your blog to everyone, but let me tell you this from experience that you aren’t ready for it. At least not in the first year. If you start spreading the word about your blog to everyone, remember that you’re also inviting all manners of people – even trolls.

If your blog has just started, there isn’t much room for trolls in your comments section. Furthermore, the wider your audience range, the more susceptible you are to critics.

By having a niche-focused audience, you get to attend to your readers’ needs individually and in-person, helping you build a strong connection with your audience. The stronger your relationship with your readers, the less likely they are to leave, and the more they’re going to spread the word about you. 

Furthermore, by targeting people in your niche, you are building a name for yourself. You’re building authority. And most importantly, you know what they want. After all, you’re one of them! This works in both your favors; you don’t have to start from scratch when writing for them, and they don’t have to explain everything to you in detail when they’re trying to communicate with you!

Remember, at the end of the day, you are promoting something with your blog. It can either be your products, services or something as simple as convincing readers of your copywriting and research skills.

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